Q. Do I need to bring proof of Vaccinations?
A. Yes, please bring your pets up to date vaccine card with you. Proof of vaccinations are needed before we can welcome your pets into our care. We are able to take any dogs/cats once all primary vaccines have been administered.

Q. Are multi pet discounts avalable?
A. We are able to offer discounts if you need to board more than 1 pet per kennel/cabin. Please enquire for more info. If you would like to bring something with your pet to help them settle we advise an old piece of clothing as it will have your smell. We don’t recommend bringing and items that you or your animal are sentimental about as it can be very hard to keep track of these items if they are popped in the wash.

Q. Can I bring my own Food?
A. Food is included within the price but it’s worth discussing when booking in if the foods we provide are suitable for your pet during their stay. Many customers opt to bring their own food in.

Q. Do I need my own Pet Insurance
A. If you don’t have insurance for your animal we will have to provide veterinary indemnity cover while they are in our care. This is charged at an extra 50 pence per day.

If you have an animal that requires regular medication we are able to cover this service. A member of our team will be happy to discuss the details further with you.

In case of emergencies we are very lucky to have the RVC close by but also have a lovely working relationship with our local vets. We will always take contact details on check in for the owners or a trusted friend/ family member for while you are away.

Q. Can you colect and drop of my pet
A. Glendee don’t offer a collection or delivery service at this time.